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26 February 2012 @ 07:07 pm

Name: Kat
Age: 22
Location: Philippines

Three positive qualities:
I am idealistically optimistic, imaginative, and quite witty.
Three negative qualities:
I am [also] obsessively compulsive, stubborn (which crosses to prideful from time to time), and infectiously impulsive (bordering on irrational).
Describe how you see yourself (go into as much detail as you like):
Like I've stated above, I am an idealist and an optimist, which is - let's face it - a bit of a lethal combination in most cases. But I can't help that I'm ruled by an innate passion for life, and so I've always thought that I would like to go out with a bang; what that 'bang' is, however, I'm still not sure. I do know that I want to keep writing though, and that I want to see more of the world, I want to experience more of the world. And in that regard, I am very driven and won't bend over for just anyone, not if it's to do with my dreams and aspirations. I see myself as the kind of person who can get along well with others, except I prefer to go deeper than that, to see beyond the surface of what other people want me to see. I choose friends in this manner, which is ironic because I also like to believe that family is a whole other story. I'll probably get into that later. I never exactly stop wanting more, not in the way people yearn for riches but in the way you know there's more to learn and more out there than just sitting behind a desk. At the same time, I want to find the right ground to step on, I want to find stability and security, which I figure makes sense because the definition of security is subjective. So I suppose my kind of security would mean that I can break out of it anytime I want and return to it just the same. Right, so I'm not sure if you got anything from that but I'll move along now.
Describe how you feel others perceive you (again, as much detail as you like):
I imagine others view me as the girl who graduated from an all-girls Catholic private school, and so 'she is probably already quite secure in her life and doesn't need to know much else'. I am likely the kind of girl who can be prim and proper when I want to, and at the same time I have this whole other side of me which revolves around parties and going out, if I'm not at home reading a good book or watching a new show. I'm a pretty good friend, I always try to be there to listen and to ground you if you need grounding. I'm a caring, respectful daughter/granddaughter/niece and an odd sort of sister/cousin. I'm the sort of student who visits the library frequently, befriends her professors, and rises above standards when the topic is interesting to her. But I also randomly chat up strangers, speak to animals and inanimate objects, can go a day or two sitting in the exact same spot - because I'm writing, reading, or watching, or sometimes doing all three at once. I guess the difference I am trying to cite here is that while people see me living a life of words and solid colors, I like to believe there is more to me than that; that I live a life of blends and kaleidoscopes, that I am far greater than people expect me to be. That there is more to me than this, but at the same time I use this perception as a way to be and do everything else. I'm glad that to others I am stable and properly dependent, that I need a solid place. (Because maybe I do need it.) But beyond that, this life has given me the space to escape whenever I need to as well. It has given me the opportunities to be more than a daughter, sister, student, and friend. And maybe others sense that. Then again, maybe they don't.
Any beliefs or values that you hold strongly?:
Family is very important to me, and I like to think that above all my dreams, I have a special place for it - that anything and everything must be done, as long as it is for family. I value honesty and loyalty, people who know how to dream and imagine and travel far beyond what they can reach (or what they think they can reach), people who are open-minded to the possibilities and impossibilities. I believe that there is beauty in everything, that there is something to learn within each crack, tear, and smudge. I just love life. And to quote a favorite line, "I can't stop loving it. Every season of the year comes with a promise that something wonderful is going to happen to me someday."
I fear dying without having properly lived, and so I try my best to live each moment as if it were my last. I fear the dark yet also embrace it - like how a brand new room in a brand new house may scare you because of its emptiness, its ability to take your voice and make it echo, telling you it is empty and can be filled; but the thing is, you don't know if you can fill it. I worry about my parents, brothers, friends. I hope that they will be happy for always. I fear death, but not exactly my own. I fear life and all the surprises I'm not ready for but will accept anyway. I fear ends and beginnings. I fear ideas, my ideas, other people's ideas. I fear being afraid of life, because that's no way to be living.
I've been writing for the longest time, I can't even remember exactly when I started. I just love telling stories, seeing things from different perspectives, and the adventure you can get out of 800-something pages (maybe more, maybe less)! Once upon a time, I would coerce my cousins to come with me to the bathroom - as I was scared of going alone - by telling them stories I made up on the spot while they waited. I also enjoy performing; I was with the glee club from grade school to high school, and I later joined a musical theater group when I started at university. Other little somethings which fascinate me include the supernatural (both the TV show and the topic), magic in general, romance novels, animanga (did I forget to mention fanfiction?), astrology, Greek mythology, animals (and things to do with veterinary medicine), children, music, food, travel, and a fine pair of black satin pumps.
I just want to keep writing, to keep telling stories, because I think that's what I am good at. I enjoy entertaining people, entertaining myself while I entertain people. I want to travel to all sorts of places, keep studying (because, honestly, you never really stop), keep performing and watching performances. I would eventually like to have my own family, but to ensure that my parents and brothers will be happy. I really want to learn how to play the guitar. And right now at this very moment, my dream of graduating with a degree in Literature is only slightly smaller than my dream to follow it up with a master's degree in Creative Writing.
Favourite book/s:
Anything and everything by Judith McNaught, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Sophie Kinsella, Neil Gaiman, and Jane Austen. Also, the Harry Potter series! I'm addicted to romance, but have branched out to fantasy and historical fiction, some YA novels, maybe some magic realism, stories which make use of Greek mythology and/or any kind of mythology as well.
Favourite film/s:
Serendipity, You've Got Mail, The Notebook, What Dreams May Come, The Losers, 27 Dresses, Harry Potter (The Prisoner of Azakaban), Pirates of the Caribbean (Dead Man's Chest), Inception, Stranger Than Fiction, X-Men First Class, Thor, Moulin Rouge, P.S. I Love You, My Blueberry Nights, The Swan Princess, Thumbelina, and most of the Disney films.
Favourite TV show/s:
Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Sherlock (of course!), The Big Bang Theory, FRIENDS, Covert Affairs, Psych, Merlin, Chuck, Game of Thrones, Once Upon A Time, Bones, Hawaii Five-0, How I Met Your Mother, Dark Angel, Heroes, Smallville, Firefly, NCIS, LOST, Nikita, Young Justice, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kids Next Door, X-Men Evolution, and a crapload of Japanese anime.
Favourite music:
James Morrison, Sara Bareilles, Maroon 5, Michael Buble, Cobra Starship, Blue, Colbie Caillat, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, OneRepublic, A Fine Frenzy, Lady Antebellum, Adam Lambert.

Safety or Adventure: Adventure!
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert.
Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist.
Follower or Leader: Leader.
Hyper or Calm: In between.
Mature or Immature: In between.

Reactions and Interactions
How well do you cope under pressure?:
I'm the kind who acts like everything's fine, when in fact I am about to faint. I don't like showing weakness when I'm placed under pressure. I also don't like to think of what might happen if I don't or can't cope with it.
How do respond to authority and/or authority figures?:
Rules are guidelines, there's always room to break them. But do you want to? And for what do you have or want to? I'm the sort who reads into the situation before responding to authority. For most part, I'm good with coping in these situations, but if I need to I can break free all the same.
How do you interact with your family and friends?:
All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. I'm pretty honest and straightforward when I want to be, but I can also confuse and work around people. It depends on who the person is and what situation we're in. Realistically, we wear masks and put on costumes, and a lot of the time, we don't realize that it is also part of who we are. Being the exact same person always in every situation would be a bit boring, I would think.
How do you interact with people you don't know?:
I'm easily quite friendly and approachable, but I do admittedly judge people sometimes, and this may affect the way I treat them. I'm impulsive and I go where the breeze takes me. If I don't leave a good impression and we're meant to meet again, I always figure there's a way to fix it later.
Do you tend to respond to situations in a more logical or emotionally based way?:
Both. I'd like to say I use my heart more, but I do think things through as well. We all have mind-breaks either way. But I use my brain in a sense that I would wonder how the other party feels, or whether consequences might follow. The fact that I am affected enough to use logical reasoning means that I am also using emotional reasoning.
How far would you be willing to go for the greater good?:
What is the greater good? In which situation? I think it would depend. But if it means putting the people I care about in danger, I am prepared to fight to the last breath.

Favourite character:
Sherlock, though Irene and Lestrade follow closely.
Which character do you feel you are most like?:
I really don't know at this point. I identify with most of them in some ways, I think. That's probably why I'm answering this and hoping you might have more insight.
Which character do you feel you are least like?:
See my previous answer. :)

Anything else?:
Thank you for reading all that and not running for the hills. Honestly, this show has made me think, not only about plot twists and possible fic ideas, but about life - my life in general. And though I want to go back and edit my answers, I feel that my inner babbling and rambling will mean something and help you in deciding which character I am most like.

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BGEbehindgrey_eyes on February 26th, 2012 01:16 pm (UTC)
I see some mild aspects of Sherlock and Lestrade, but I really think John fits you very well.

The way you describe how others see you compared to how you see yourself really made me think of him first. On the outside he seems rather proper etc but inside he's a very clever and complicated man. You mentioned wearing a mask. I think that is very him especially in the first series.

I just want to keep writing, to keep telling stories, because I think that's what I am good at. Made me think of him and his blog. He really wants to keep having his adventures with Sherlock and keep telling the word.
Abelarda: absinthe kittenabelarda on February 29th, 2012 09:44 pm (UTC)
Actually, I'm seeing a mix of Sarah and Watson, although your optimism and liveliness point me towards Sarah.
andrea_deerandrea_deer on March 1st, 2012 06:33 pm (UTC)

I think I would like to vote for Irene if that's okay... (Is it okay? I mean, are we using 2nd season characters? Sorry, I'm not up to date :?) /technical problems

The idealistic optimism threw me off at first, because I don't see Irene as a character even remotely like that. However the need to travel, the ability to charm everyone, part way good girl, part way party girl and especially the bit, where you write about wearing masks and how being the same person to everyone would be a bit boring. This is just so Irene, I think.
 Lauren: Moriartycorleoned on March 1st, 2012 08:29 pm (UTC)
(I just wanted to clarify, yes, yes you can use series two characters. I'll just make another stamp XD will make post about this soon)
andrea_deerandrea_deer on March 7th, 2012 06:54 pm (UTC)
Good to know for future reference XD
 Lauren: Moriartycorleoned on March 1st, 2012 08:31 pm (UTC)
I actually agree with the Irene Adler vote. She strikes me as someone who may be secretly an idealist or an optimist, but life has forced her to become a realist. Part good girl, part party girl, you see the rules as being able to be broken, and you love a good story or writing. Completely Irene to me.
↣starlord on March 1st, 2012 08:41 pm (UTC)
I see some Sherlock, and some Lestrade but in the end I think I'm leaning more towards Irene. (Which is strange, seeing that I am not her biggest fan and unlike her, you don't annoy me.) Your traits and either/or answers remind me quite a lot of her, and your Reactions and Interactions answers really sealed the deal for me.
BRAIN LUBEvespalicious on March 2nd, 2012 05:15 am (UTC)
Also going with Irene. The reactions and interactions part of it was what really sealed it for me.
elwen_rhiannon: Lilithelwen_rhiannon on March 5th, 2012 01:14 am (UTC)
Irene (I like her and I think I would like you as well) for your love of life and ability to see beauty in everything connected with high intelligence.
 Lauren: Moriartycorleoned on March 7th, 2012 09:00 pm (UTC)
Congrats, you were stamped as Irene Adler! :) Please be patient, your stamp will be made and coming to you within the next few days :)
Kat Sua ★: [Sherlock] Irene | let's have dinnerstarianprincess on March 8th, 2012 05:59 am (UTC)
Thank you! And yesss, I can't wait. :)